After wrong turns, too many ‘refreshment’ stops and loosing the group, all but 2 of us made it the entire distance to Carmarthen!

Fearntastic Wheatley and Dan Brooker cycled a fantastic 29 miles! They do not even own bikes, had to borrow them for the day and had zero training… AWESOME EFFORT!

With the wrong turns we cycled just over 42 miles on mountain bikes!

Ashley Davis set the pace all day and was first to return.
Antaine Doinn, Kub Koala and Matthew Rees joint second..
I arrived in Carmarthen at 6-45pm after leaving Swansea 12-30pm.. a long day!
Not as long though as John Phillips and Lee Nurton‘s day, who finally arrived at Carmarthen at around 8pm last night!
Honestly lads I cannot believe you made it!
I nearly gave up a couple of times so for you 2 to persevere as volunteers is outstanding dedication!

Mike Kell spent his entire day following and meeting us in the car, carrying refreshments, offering assistance and giving incentive.. Great effort too even though you abandoned me at the end haha!

Judging by the pain I am in this morning and guessing you are all feeling pretty much the same, I have decided our next event will be a sponsored lie down haha!

Thank you all so much for your time and hard work.
Also thank you to all the people who sponsored these amazing volunteers..

Video footage of our journey to follow shortly..