A beautiful, heartfelt message to us from a single mother… Thank you x

Absolutely fantastic idea, I love it. I’m a single parent and whilst my daughter has her father my son don’t.

Now I can tell you I’ve done a fantastic job with my son, he pitches tents with me, start up the fires, uses the hammer to peg the tent down, I’ve taken him fishing, I have him drive the car with me on private land, we build dens and forts, he helps with the diy work I can do and he’s just 8. All these things and I still can’t give him what a male role model can and I accept that and dealt with my guilt of not being able to deliver it.

Thankfully he’s been blessed with make role models where we’ve touched upon this and they agreed to help guide and direct him, support us and deliver what it is every boy truly needs that a woman can’t deliver because we aren’t men.

I salute what you are doing and helping us mums fill in these gaps we so dearly wanted to avoid happening. Thank you from all future men for helping to build them, moguls them and support them in being the best they can be for themselves. This is something that is a true gift and privilege and from a mothers point of view it will always be appreciated and your kindness, care and positivity to help our sons will always be cherished.