Fatherless Day

If you are lucky enough to be spending tomorrow with a loving, decent father please help support those who have no dad by planting a tree for LWD…

If you are unfortunate enough to be missing a loving, decent father tomorrow then please plant a tree for LWD in remembrance of him…


We have a fantastic opportunity for you to assist us in securing our woodland home, help the environment and honour a loved one all at the same time!
For £25 we will plant a tree for you in our woodland, adorn it with a beautiful ribbon and small glass jar containing a personalised message of your choice.
Once a year we will send you a picture of your maturing sapling, update you on how your generosity and kindness has benefited our project and the young men who so desperately need our help…
Please do something great today and plant a tree for LWD by following the link below and donating £25.


We will then contact you to arrange which message you would like to include..
Thank you,
Lads Without Dads XXX

NB: All trees will be planted once we have secured deposit for woodland