One good turn deserves another…

Would like to say a big THANK YOU to Chris Guts Griffiths from Guts Surfboards in Swansea!

Mr Griffiths has voluntarily donated one of his unique resin bowls for us to auction towards equipment for us to develop our woodland home…

Chris only recently had the ingenious idea of recycling the left over polyester resin from the custom surfboards he designs and manufacturers into unique, stylish and environmentally friendly art pieces..

These bowls are commanding between £80 – £120 and would look fantastic in pride of place in any surfers (or kooks) living room! (demonstrated in pics haha)

All proceeds raised will go directly towards developing our woodland home so please bid generously!

Auction will end at 12-00 pm on Sunday 21st April..

Thank you,

Lads Without Dads X