Fantastic news!
Thank you so much to miss Louise Wride, formerly known as The Lady Mayor of Llandovery, who very generously donated £1000 to Lads Without Dads just before Christmas.
Louise organised the Mayors Charity Ball and Raffle in December and very kindly donated the proceeds to Lads Without Dads and Llandovery parks.
Since taking on the role of Lady Mayor, Louise Wride has worked tirelessly campaigning, fundraising, organising events and activities for the local community and is an inspiration to us all!
£500 of the money donated has been transferred to the land owner towards the cost of the woodland and the remaining £500 will be put towards fencing and equipment to house some chickens and ducks, payment to the farmer to cut the 5 acre field in the Spring, a solar electric fence to contain our sheep when we are able to get them, chainsaw repair as the donated one we have is not working, a second ‘camping khazi’ and toilet tent, £500 for public liability insurance once we are finally ready to offer activities for LWD’s…. the list goes on!
Recently I have sacrificed pretty much everything I had in pursuit of the vision I have for this land and the dream I have of actually trying to make a positive difference in this chaotic world we find ourselves in.
It’s apparent there are going to be many more obstacles to overcome on this journey but I assure every follower of this page, every person that has volunteered, every donator, every well wisher, every critic and every Lad Without a Dad that I have not given up and am trying my absolute best to achieve what I have set out to do.
This Spring we need help. We need volunteers to help us get this land ready to offer activities and events for Lads Without Dads. We literally need to build bridges, pathways to establish, grass to be cut, trees to be planted, camping areas cleared, dangerous trees felled, natural shelters built, clay and charcoal ovens made, poly tunnel and vegetable beds planted etc etc! (I have exhausted myself, working pretty much alone with hand tools and am ready to admit I need assistance!)
Anyone who would like to volunteer some time is welcome to camp on the land that night and I will try my best to provide enough bottled water and Bbq for all!… (no running water until rainwater harvesting has been established)
Access to the land is very limited due to bureaucracy (Costa, Mcdonalds, Home bargains and Aldi can tarmac the world if they like though) so volunteers would have to access via a scenic 10 minute walk via the reservoir or if possible I would be happy to pick up from public car park at designated time…
Apologies for such a long post but it has been a while since had the confidence to update you all on the situation (personal battles don’t have a pause button unfortunately!)
I will update soon with a post for anyone who would like to volunteer some time and hopefully have some fun in the process…
Not to take anything away from the original reason for the post… Thank you miss Louise Wride for everything you do for the good of others, thank you to the kind businesses and members of the public of Love Llandovery who’s contributions and generous bids will help us towards our mission. (Once we are running activities we will be open to any LWD’s who can get to us and hopefully in the future we will have a mini bus so we can also offer transport)
Thank you all,
Lads Without Dads X