Are we a registered charity? 

We cannot register with the charity commission until we are receiving an income of over £5,000 per year.

As we were only launched in May 2015 we are just trying to establish ourselves.

Hopefully with everyone’s support we will be able to fully register in the near future.


How much of my donation gets to the end cause?  

We guarantee that every penny raised and donated goes directly towards our mission.


What are you doing to benefit girls without fathers?  

After growing up in a single parent family himself with a younger sister, our founder and his sibling believe that although it was no easier process to deal with an absent father being a female, the fundamental issue is having a same sex role model in order to learn appropriate behavior.

With statistics showing there are over one million lads without dads in the UK with numbers ever increasing, there is a good chance a young woman will meet a man who has grown up in such a situation.

We hope to break this cycle by giving these young men the life skills and experiences they need, when they need it most.

Once we are fully established and are able to assist these young men we also hope to offer our services to young women.